How to arrange a room for broadcasting / bedroom

One of the first steps for getting started as a web model is to set up a broadcast location. There are several ways to achieve this. Lots of camgirls do this easily from their bedroom. Another will set up a dedicated webcam room (which is recommended if you have extra space). Whichever direction you go, several aspects need to be considered: lighting, cleanliness and room settings. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Dedicated room vs bedroom

The two most common rooms used to perform shows are either a bedroom or a dedicated special room. If you have additional spaces that can be converted into a dedicated webcam room, this is recommended for several reasons. The webcam room will not be filled with your regular linen, you will not have to make sure that the beds are constantly adjusted, if you have another person who shares a home with you, they will be able to use the bedroom. In a reserved room, you can leave all your dildos, props and other items in an open or open place.

Webcam Room Maintenance

It’s really important to keep your webcam room clean. If not the whole room, then at least part (s) that will be visible in the shot. You should be the main focus of the shot. No clutter, dirty clothes or garbage. This is one of the reasons why it is advisable to have a special room dedicated to the website. Thanks to the reserved room, the linen, the unmade bed and other clutter will not disturb the environment for the show.

Lighting: Natural light vs. 3-point lighting system

Lighting is very important and is something that all models should think about. If you have good natural light in the room, you can use it during the day. At night (or if there is no good natural light) you will rely on the lights that are in the room. If the room does not have good lighting, you may want to invest in a three-point lighting system. Lighting systems are available online and it is easy to build a three-point lighting system.

Adjust lighting as needed: You can also use lighting to set the right atmosphere. Going in a darker environment can make things more mysterious and shadows can highlight the curves of your body. Play with different light settings and see which levels suit you best. Also note that the lighting on the camera will look different than it actually is. What is well lit for your eyes may look completely different on the camera.

Furniture: bed, table, shelves and storage

Think about what furniture you want in the room. The beds work great and it’s a good idea to throw a bed in the cam room if you’re not turning out of the bedroom. If you are transmitting from the bedroom, you will already have a bed there. Having a desk on your computer is also helpful, especially since you’ll spend a lot of time at the computer when you’re not on the show. Shelves, drawers and other storage space are also suitable.

Storage and organization: Drawers and cabinets

You’ll want your cam room to be well organized and everything you need within reach. The last thing you want is to move out of focus to find something. It’s not good for private and even worse for public chat. If someone joins your room and you’re not there, press the back button very quickly!

Preserving / displaying sex toys: If you use sex toys in your shows, you’ll want to place them so that you can easily reach them. If you can show them on a webcam (on a shelf or bed stand), it’s definitely a plus! It lets potential customers know what type of toy you are working with and all the options available. wherever you put your sex toys, don’t let them touch each other! Dildos that touch each other can corrode.

Colors / Color Schemes: Painting, Bedding, and Posters

You want to be the center of attention, the star, so try to create a place that will provide it. Neutral colors like white, gray or cream are great. Then add color accents with bed linen, sofa upholstery or pillows. Pillows can be expensive and you could end up with a full pillow closet. Buying different pillowcases that fit the same pillows is a great way to change things without having a huge pillow collection.

Curtains and (removable) wallpaper without peeling and gluing

You can put on a bar and hang different curtains to change the environment. The best place with the most styles and material at an affordable price is Amazon . Wall stickers and wallpapers are also available. The wallpaper is peeled off and glued without damaging the walls. With both of these methods, you can easily change the color schemes of your room without having to paint.

Green background: a step forward!

Want to take things a step further? With green screens, the possibilities are endless! Setting up green screens takes some time and requires setting up background software (OBS works well for that), but with a green background you can do a lot of creative things.

Room sound settings

The camera room is not just about visuals. Sound plays an important role in a webcam show. Note: First, read the policies of your portal where you make a website when it comes to playing music! Some sites actually provide royalty-free music that you can use in your room! There are some copyright issues with using music by other artists!

Playing music can act as a distraction for and gives you enough stimuli to stay moving, even if you just shake your chest a little! Music can also act as a topic of conversation!

How the environment affects your appearance

It’s important to make sure you look good in both the lighting and the room. The environment can have a huge impact on your personal appearance. This is especially true with different lighting settings. Keep in mind that everything will look different on the camera (or film) than it really is. Here are some makeup tips  

You can see how a busty pornstar Amber Lynxxx has a natural room set up which coonstracts with her preferences.

Natural makeup: The important thing about makeup is that it can look completely different on the camera than it actually is. Having your makeup “natural” can look like you don’t have one. Exaggerating makeup can sometimes look good as well. Webcams and the human eye are very different things, and if you’re not streaming through a digital SLR, your skin tones are likely to be faint sometimes, and shadows can make things look weird.

Exaggerate: Things that would normally look bad personally can definitely add to the webcam, such as the basics and concealer. If you feel embarrassed in your skin, overcome it! It will hardly be apparent. You can also change your appearance using the webcam settings. I often add satiety to my stream because I’m not too tanned and sometimes I look faded!

Lighting / Makeup Testing: If you’re wondering how you look at the camera, the best way to figure it out is to actually test it! You can set up the camera, do your makeup and see what you look like in front of the camera. It is possible to dim the lighting, decorations, clothes and makeup and find the perfect combination to make you look as amazing as possible!

Shooting / Web in other places

Sometimes you will move to places other than the room in which you normally live. Sometimes it can be in a different place than in your house!

Public Cameras: Please don’t be one of those girls who becomes viral from making a webcam at a library or school. In fact, you should avoid public places at all costs! First – it’s most likely illegal (depending on where you are). If caught, it will also leave a black spot on the entire industry.

Garden : If your backyard has really good privacy (especially if you don’t have any neighbors), shooting from the garden is definitely a good choice. Make sure everything is close enough wifirouter and that you still have a good upload speed.

Hotel webcam: Shows can be done from hotel rooms, and if you’re traveling, this may be your only option. Many hotel rooms have very thick walls, but noise is something you should consider as well. The second major challenge for a camera from a hotel room is that the internet is often slow. This is caused by many people using the same Wi-Fi at the same time. Also make sure you have a “do not disturb” sign on the door.

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