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Affiliate marketing is a service through which an individual or company (hereinafter “affiliate partner”) can earn commissions for the promotion of a particular product or service. In this case, these are live sites, paid video sites, and other similar networks. In affiliate marketing it is possible to make a lot of money. The webcam industry is also a very lucrative industry. Much more than traditional “paid sites” with porn. Here’s everything you need to know about livechat affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a service in which an entity (“Affiliate”) is paid to promote a particular brand or product. The partner company receives commissions for all new customers or sales of the advertised company. This usually takes the form of either a revenue share or a flat fee for each registration or sale. Affiliate marketing is very effective for a brand because it pays off affiliate partners only for new sales. This way, the company does not pay for marketing that does not work. It is also effective for partner companies, because there is only real earning potential. Although it is true that there is no guaranteed income. However, if done correctly, affiliate marketing can be more beneficial for partners than other forms of Internet monetization.

Types of different programs: Revshare, PPS and PPL

There are three main types of commission structures; revshare, “Pay Per Signup – Payment for Purchase” and “Pay Per Lead – Payment for Free Registration”. Different commission programs offer different combinations of these programs. For example; some programs only offer revshare, some only offer PPS, and there are others that offer more or even all three different types of payouts.

Revshare Sharing

“Revshare” is a shared form of commission – the affiliate partner earns a percentage of earnings. This can be a share of a single sale or a share of total referral spend. In the livechat industry, the share of total expenses is more popular. This can be based on duration (percentage of spending per year or other duration) or more often on lifetime revenue sharing. Lifetime revenue sharing programs are generally the most profitable type of promoted programs. Especially in the long run. This is because customers and their spending are starting to stack up and creating a good and steady stream of revenue.

Payment for Registration (PPS)

“Pay Per Signup” (PPS) is where the affiliate partner receives a commission for each referral. In order to earn a commission, it is usually necessary for the new referral to make its first purchase or reach the earnings threshold. Once this action or goal is met, a commission will be paid.

Pay Per Lead (PPL)

“Pay Per Lead” (PPL) is where an affiliate partner is paid for every free sign-up they send to the network. A PPL is usually only a few dollars (USD). PPLs may seem attractive because you get money for everyone, whether they are shopping or not. But you should be careful about PPL. If conversion occurs, then revshare would be a much better way.

How much money can partner companies make?

The earning potential is very difficult to estimate. This also means that not all partner companies will be successful. Because affiliate marketing is performance based, there is no guaranteed income. If you are unable to refer / send or recommend new customers to the network, you will never make money as a partner. Another important thing to keep in mind is that revshare programs will usually become more profitable over time. This is because the number of earning referrals will continue to grow and revenue revenue will begin to stack, creating a large source of revenue. It’s also important to realize that traffic is also increasing over time. CreationSearching for websites and evaluating search engines, lists of e-mail marketing and the increase of followers on social media is taking a while. As traffic to these web services increases, so will traffic and commissions. So how much does affiliate marketing make? Millions a year for the best partner companies. The six-digit number is not attracted to the hair, but it definitely requires work. 3-4 years is reasonable if the partner is able to ensure the generation and forwarding of their traffic.

How Referrals and Post-Sales Work: Affiliate Links

When a webmaster registers as an affiliate partner, they receive special affiliate links. These links are used to track traffic and the referenced customer. These tracking links also store cookies in visitors’ browsers. This cookie has a certain duration or number of days to follow the referral, and if the referral is registered or purchased by that time, it will be counted to the partner. It’s important to note that if a link is used by another device or browser to register on the site, the referral will not count. If the referring user clicks on two different links referring as partners to the same destination site but via a different partner code (visits one site before the other), then the counting for that partner may differ from program to program. Some networks give it to the first partner that sends the cookie, others send it to the last partner that adds the cookie.

Payout: How to get paid

There are many ways affiliates can receive payments. Some partner networks offer a wide range of payout options. Others offer only a few selections. Here are the most commonly used payout methods you can use. Check – An old-fashioned check sent in the mail. Checks are usually paid by postal service or bank. Sometimes they are supplied by a logistics company instead. If it is delivered via something other than the postal service, this may involve additional charges. Paxum – Paxum is an adult wallet. Similar to PayPal. Local restrictions may apply to Paxum accounts. Bank transfer – Most programs support bank transfers. Bank transfers may only be available to non-U.S. Partner companies due to the cost of bank transfers in the United States.

Affiliate affiliate commission systems live / live webcams

Before you can promote, you must sign up for specific affiliate offers. Most sites offering live / webcam programs offer affiliate programs. Many paid video sites and other networks also offer affiliate programs. You can choose the network you like the most, or promote a wide variety of different sites. Our affiliate program directory, linked below, provides a wealth of valuable information to help you find the right programs to promote.

Commonly available promotional ad types

Affiliate programs will provide promotional material for their webmasters. Some networks provide a lot of different types of ads, while others may only provide basic banner ads. Here are the most commonly used ad types and a description of how they work.

Banner Ads

Static and animated banners in GIF format. Some programs offer wonderfully designed and good looking banners, while others can be very dull. Most networks provide banners for all standardized sizes and sizes.

Pop-up / pop-up ads

Pop-up ads will cause a new ad window to appear in a new window. Pop-unders are the most common form of pop-ads because they are less intrusive. Drop-down menus allow your ad to appear in a separate new window, instead of appearing above the content the user is currently working on.

Online artist widgets

Many networks allow affiliates to design their own widgets featuring online artists. These widgets usually link directly to the artist’s chat room, which is listed on the link, although some point to the landing page instead. These widgets are usually quite customizable in terms of size, color, and type of performers.

Instant messaging (IM) ads

Instant messaging (IM) ads are types of instant messaging-style ads. These ads are the most common for dating, but quite often they are also used for cameras. A small pop-up window will appear in the corner of the browser. It will look like a traditional chat window, as you would see on Facebook, Skype or AIM.

Integrated camera / chat rooms

There are several networks that allow built-in chat rooms. These chats can be added anywhere HTML can be used. Whenever an artist is online, his live stream will be displayed where he is embedded. If someone communicates with them, they will be asked to join the network and the partner will receive a referral commission.

Direct links (specific pages of performers)

Most programs will support direct links. This is useful for linking directly to a specific model profile page. There may be selected artists in particular that you’d like to promote. This allows direct connection. It’s important to note: Before using any of their content for promotional purposes, request permission for the model.

Peeling the page

One of the more exotic types of ads. Peeling the page creates a magazine-style rotation effect in the corner of the browser. If the viewer places the mouse pointer on the shell of the page, the effect of “turning the page” with the mouse and revealing the menu on the other side.

White Label Sites

A white label is a rebranded brand or service. In livechat, the white mark is the rebranded website of the portal with webcams. Webmasters are able to customize their white version and display it under their own name. The webmaster will receive a share of all revenue generated under his white mark. For example, you can imagine a portal bongacams which will have different colors (eg yellow) and will be named and run on the domain The models here will be the same as on LiveJasmin, only the environment is different and the whitelabel operator receives a commission for the money spent on this website.

API (Application Interface Programming)

The Application Programming Interface (API) allows webmasters to further integrate associated programs into their various sites or applications. This is a more complex concept.

How to increase traffic to your affiliate offers

Affiliate marketing is all about traffic. The better the traffic, the more money you make. The more traffic, the more money you make. There are many different ways to bring visitors and prospects to affiliate offers. Here are the main ones.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

“Search Engine Optimization” (SEO) can be your best friend if you learn how to do it right. The ranking of your site or blog in search engines will provide a steady stream of new visitors. SEO is a lot of work and there is a lot to learn. However, training in SEO will be very beneficial. There are two main elements in SEO: Onsite and offsite. Onsite SEO does things right on a particular site so as to become search engine friendly. Offsite SEO depends on links and other metrics in external links to your site. To be truly successful, you need to combine both elements. You need a website to do proper SEO. If you’ve never created a website, it may sound really scary. Fortunately, website development has been greatly simplified over time . There are platforms that make the process easier and simpler, and there are plenty of web development guides and tools like wordpress.which can be used for this. We’ll talk more about that later in this post.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is another great marketing channel. The best thing about social media is that they are 100% free. There is a good chance that you already have Facebook and maybe Twitter. That’s why you’ve probably already had experience with social platforms. Most networks work quite similarly. When marketing on social media, one important thing to keep in mind is that not all networks are suitable for adults. You will need to be very careful when marketing on “safe for the job” networks. Posting links or images that do not comply with the site’s policies will terminate your account. There are also some networks that do not allow traffic from certain other networks. This is either because this traffic generally works quite poorly, or because it is a network where many dubious partner companies act as players, creating problems for the entire network. Make sure you only promote social networks that allow this type of traffic. For networks that do not allow adult content on social media, you can always direct this traffic to your website and from there on specific adult offers. Which is another reason why it’s so important for partner companies to have their own website.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is another way to promote affiliate programs. Email marketing is much more difficult for sexual sites for many reasons. Not all email marketing companies provide these services to adults. However, there are several providers who have their services created specifically for adults. There are several mainstream platforms that accept adults, but you’ll need to approve your sites and content in advance. The next step is to create a list / database of email recipients. Recipients will need to subscribe to your emails. You can’t simply generate email lists and add them to your email marketing. This is illegal and also very ineffective. After registering for the e-mail marketing package, you will receive various application forms. These forms can be added to your website or blog to collect email addresses.

How to build livechat webcam partner sites

One of the most important aspects of affiliate marketing is building affiliate sites. If you already know web application development, that’s good. If not, it’s time to start learning. Fortunately, it’s not that hard. There are a lot of CMS (Content Management Systems) that make the previously crazy design and creation of websites now extremely easy. There are also many guides on this topic.

Whitelabels: Your own rebranded webcam live site

The “Whitelabeled” webcam live site is a rebrand site. Webmasters are able to configure and design a website. Once the site is customized, it will be able to use its own domain. Everything is marked as a branch or. franchise. The webmaster earns a percentage of all revenue that is generated on this whitelabel site through its visitors. The affiliate program provider handles all host and technical aspects of running the white-tagged version. The affiliate must focus only on promotion.

How much does it cost to run a white label?

The only real investment required is a domain name. You can register your own domain name for about 150-300 CZK (depending on the TLD – extension, either .com .net or .cz or others) per year. Privacy protection (if you want it – means hiding data about the registrar) is about another 250 CZK per year or some websites provide it for free (, – as anonymous registration). Affiliates pay nothing for hosting or any other overhead associated with the Site. If you are planning to buy traffic / visitors or another form of paid marketing, then it will cost something. Pin? It depends on how big your marketing budget is.

How much a rebranded site with live cameras on a white label brand can earn

This varies widely. There are partners whoThey do not earn a penny, or other partner entities bring 5-6 local earnings from white-labeled websites. For networks like Pornhub and other porn sites, it’s even more lucrative. This is because they already work with insane traffic and have name recognition and good search engine rankings. The truth is; it all depends. White labels that are somehow “integrated” into other products and brands usually perform better than white labels that are created as stand-alone products. Creating “specialized brands” (as opposed to a very broad and generic white label) will also generally be more profitable.

Selection of different genders, ethnic backgrounds and categories

There are certain solutions for the whitelabel brand that are more customizable than others. What can be adjusted varies greatly between providers. Some affiliate programs only allow you to customize the design and upload your own logo. Others allow you to choose from specific genders, ethnic backgrounds, fetishes, etc.

API: We will move to the next level

For those who are a little more advanced in coding, most partner programs offer APIs. There are a lot of exciting and interesting things to do with the API. The partner companies were able to create some really amazing sites. It ranges from robust directories to networks that have integrated facial recognition to help find camgirls by appearance. One webcam portal has even seamlessly integrated with another portal to get an idea of ​​how robust the API of certain networks is.

Webcam model recommendation programs

There are some networks that offer model referrals to customers in addition to referral programs. If you have traffic models, adult artists and preformers, this can be a great new source of traffic. Model referral programs work the same as customer referral programs. Trace links and promotional content are provided to partner companies. Sometimes the same links are used to recommend the customer and the model. And sometimes there are separate links to customer and model recommendations.
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